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Philips introduced the I2C bus in consumer electronics like TV sets and High end Audio sets. The I2C bus uses only 2 wires to communicated with a large range of different devices like Display drivers, IO port communication chips, Analog to digital and Digital to Analog converters and much much more devices. Elektor (in the Netherlands Elektuur) published in January 1992 a ISA Card interface for the PC to connect the I2C bus to your PC. In November 1995, they published a I2C interface via the parallel port. Both interfaces uses the PCF8584 I2C Controller chip. In October 2000 a I2C interface was published that made direct use of e few LPT port lines. You can download several Visual Basic test utilities which can be used to test the I2C interfaces.

I2C interface
These days computers do not have anymore a ISA bus inside. Therefore the ISA bus I2C card is not used anymore in new developed I2C applications. Also the I2C Parallel interface based on the PCF8584 controller chip is out dated. All the new I2C projects are based on the I2C LPT Interface
When you are interested to start working with I2C based devices  / sensors, its recommended to built the I2C LPT Interface.

I2C Test Utility programs

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I2C Parallel & ISA Card v3.0.0 (outdated)



I2C LPT Interface Test Utility v2.2.0 (Including I2C LPT Interface schematic)


I2C Manufactures

I2C LPT Interface Test Utility with InpOut32.DLL v3.0.1    

DS1621 Temperature Sensor v1.2   

BMP085 Pressure & Temperature sensor  NEW!!