***  X-Lent Electronics  ***


X-Lent Electronics is not a company, but it is a pseudonym for all kind of electronics projects based on hardware and software. 


The published projects are all free to use. You can find several projects based on the Arduino board, AVR and PIC mcu's. Most of the projects are related to  measure or test devices, like the I2C projects and LPT Test Utility.

All PC based applications are written in Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 and are Freeware. To save space, the programs are packed without the required Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Libraries. You can download the runtime library (filename vbrun60sp6.exe) from the Microsoft website.

Send an Email to X-Lent Electronics if you want to know more about one of the projects. Questions, improvements or new ideas are more than welcome. Are you interested in the source code of the applications? It will be send to you on request. 


New!!! BMP085_v11 has been released. Click here!


X-Lent Electronics cannot be held responsible for any damage to machines, software or personal injuries caused
by using a
X-Lent Electronics project.