The NTC-Temperature is a small program that via serial Com 1 or Com 2 can measure temperature. The application is build in Visual Basic 6.0 SP5. The temperature is measured by a 10K NTC resistor. With the application all schematics are included as JPG files. Connect the Temperature Logger to Com 1 or 2 and launch the application. The temperature will displayed in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. It is possible to change to a digital display reading or a numeric display. A logfile option is included as well.

A nice feature is the possibility to display the Celsius reading on a I2C display. To be able to do this you must have a I2C interface connected to the parallel port or an ISA I2C interface. Both interfaces are described in Elektor. The ISA I2C interface is published in the Elektor of January 1992, the I2C Parallel port interface in the Elektor of November 1995. The required I2C LED Display is published in April 1992.     

Release History


Initial release of NTC Temperature.