Interesting Links

Electronics & Computers
Elektuur / Elektor - Web site of the most popular electronics magazine
IC-Prog - IC-Prog is a generic application to program your PICs with different PIC programmers
RE-Applications - RE-Applications has nice hard & Software projects, like PicProg2009
Where to order electronic components
Dick Best - Online web shop - Online electronics component web shop. Great assortment of components for a nice price!
Melieste print service - Order here your printed circuits for a good price
Eijlander Elektronics Ede - Online shop large assortment of components
Voti - Online shop with a large assortment of PIC MCu's
Interesting other Web sites

Emile's  Thuisbrouw Pagina

- A roadmap to how to brew your own beer at home
Beer tours - Nice collection of pictures of the famous Beer tours of the Good old Belgium beer loving Boys