I2C Parallel and ISA Card Test Utility -- Outdated!!

Elektor (in the Netherlands Elektuur) published in January 1992 a ISA Card interface for the PC to connect the I2C bus to your PC. Later on, in November 1995, they published a I2C interface via the parallel port. Both interfaces uses the PCF8584 I2C Controller chip. For both interfaces a MS-DOS SYS driver is available, but that does not work with Windows 9x OS. Just because a friend of mine was looking for a simple system to control his private beer brew process, see the link to his web page, we came to the idea to use the I2C bus as controlling system. To be able to use the interfaces with Windows 9x, he wrote a I2C_dll.dll driver. I renamed that driver to I2CPar.dll and made with Visual Basic a test utility to test as well the ISA Card as Parallel I2C interface. The program test the I2C devices SAA1064, PCF8574, PCF8591 and the LM76 or LM 92.

New Release 3.0.0!!!
Release 3.0.0 has become available. I2CParIsa can be used with all Windows versions. A Reset button has been added. From release 2.0.0 the I/O Port Driver PortTalk v2.2 of Beyondlogic has been integrated. Do you want to know more about PortTalk? Visit http:// www.beyondlogic.org

Release History


 A Reset button added in the Interface frame. When the interface is locked, no hardware detected. Just
 press on the hardware's interface the reset button followed by the new added Reset button in the interface
 frame. This avoid the situation that you must exit the applications after a I2C bus error.


 PortTalk v2.2 integrated. This makes it possible to run I2CParIsa under Windows NT/2000/XP.


 LM76/92 added.


 Several bugs solved.


 Initial version of I2CParIsa.




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