I2C LPT Interface Test Utility

In October 2000 Elektor published a  I2C interface, which usages directly the parallel port lines to communicate with I2C devices. This interfaces replaces the I2C ISA card and I2C Parallel port based interfaces which uses the PCF8584 I2C controller chip.

With Visual Basic a test utility has been developed to test the I2C LPT interface. The program test the I2C devices SAA1064, PCF8574, PCF8591. 

Release History


 Start / Stop button added in the PCF8574 frame. You can start / stop the walking light.
 Several routines are optimized and improved.


Bug solved. Sometime during launch of the application under Windows NT/2000/XP the program
 ended up in a  startup loop.



    Sometimes the detection under Windows NT/2000/XP of the PortTalk driver went wrong.
    I2CLPT thought that there was already an I2CLPT.exe running on the system.
    This has been solved.


    Added a Reset button in the LPT frame. This button gives a LPT and I2C bus reset. Can be handy
    when during startup the LPT port or I2C bus reports that the hardware is not present. 


 In this release the I/O Port Driver PortTalk v2.2 of Beyondlogic has been integrated. It is now possible to
 test  your I2C Parallel Port interface under Windows NT, 2000 or XP. Do you want to know more about
PortTalk? Visit
http:// www.beyondlogic.org.


 Initial release of I2C Parallel Port Test Utility




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