BMP085 and BMP180 Digital Pressure and Temperature Sensor

The BMP085 / BMP180 is a I2C pressure and temperature sensor from Bosch. It measures the barometric air pressure and temperature. The pressure range is from 300 to 1100hPa and the temperature range is  from 0.0 to 65.0 degrees. The digital pressure is represented as 16 bits or 19 bits, depending on the working mode of the sensor. The temperature is 16 bits. The pressure is calculated in steps of 1Pa ( = 0.01hPa = 0.01mBar). The temperature is calculated in steps of 0.1 degrees.

On eBay you can buy in China a BMP085 or BMP180 breakout board. For this project a 5 Volt DC compatible breakout board is used. When you are going to buy via eBay a BMP085 or BMP180 breakout board, make sure that you have a 5 Volt compatible one. The price is about
2.50, including shipping.

BMP085 / BMP180 application
The BMP085 / BMP180 Pressure and Temperature sensor applications shows the barometric pressure and temperature on your computer. Also an indication of the weather is given. It is possible to connect up to 2 SAA1064 I2C 4 digit display devices on which the barometric and temperature reading is displayed.

Release History


LPT 1 is now the default port
Fixed bug in detecting the LPT port
Weather indicator updated with ice pictogram and improved weather indication by showing more pictograms


 First release of the BMP085 application.




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