Arduino NANO v3 Programmer Board for ATTiny and Atmega328

By uploading the ArduinoISP sketch into an Arduino, you are able to program other AVR processors like the ATTiny 24/44/84, 25/45/85, 2313/4314 and Atmega8/88/328P and so on. To make it more easier to program the AVR's, the Arduino NANO Programmer board is the answer.

Arduino NANO v3 Programmer board
On the Internet you can find several schematics and solutions to turn your Arduino UNO into a ISP. In most cases the solutions only fits for a few ATTiny or Atmega AVR's. To be able to be more flexible in the possibility to use other types of AVR's, use the Arduino NANO Programmer board.

Building the Programmer Board
The Programmer board is easy to make. Just a Textool socket, a few connectors, indication LEDS and of course an Arduino NANO v3.  For just a couple of Euro's/Dollars you can buy on eBay an Arduino NANO v3 and 28pins Textool socket to build the Programmer board. Download the schematic and PCB layout.

When you buy on eBay a 28 pin Textool socket, the pin wide might be smaller than when you use the original 3M Textool socket. The PCB layout is setup to be able to use both types of Textool sockets. The PCB board is 10 by 8 cm. This makes it possible to make your own PCB by drawing the lines with a etching resistant pen on the copper.

How to connect the ISP wires to the Zif socket
When you want to program for example an ATTiny85, just connect the 6 ISP wires to the corresponding Zif socket pins. Connect Vcc to pin 28, Reset to pin 1, MOSI to pin 25, MISO to pin 26, SCK to pin 27 and GND to pin 4 of the Zif socket. Insert the ATtiny85 into top the Zifsocket and you can start programming the ATTiny85 from the Arduino IDE.

How to upload your sketch
Select in the Arduino 1.6.x IDE via the menu option Tools -> Programmer the option "Arduino as ISP". To program the AVR, select form the menu option Sketch "Uploading Using Programmer", fast keys "Ctrl-Shift-U". The sketch will now be uploaded into the AVR.